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I am a bilingual (English and Portuguese) Integrative psychotherapist with a degree in Clinical Psychology. I have completed the Leadership Training Programme with the Marion Woodman Foundation, whose BodySoul work helps women to discover their authentic selves. As part of my commitment to this endeavour, I was a trustee of BodySoul Europe for two years and I now maintain the organisation's website. In addition to this, I am already practising as a qualified body psychotherapist and regression therapist. I have also completed three years of Jungian training with GAP, London, and am based in Amsterdam where I now practise. I have been in private practice since 1998 and occasionally run meditation workshops.

- Work with both English- & Portuguese-speaking clients from different cultural and spiritual backgrounds, using a more holistic approach integrating the psyche and body.
- Able to work with transference/countertransference.
- Experience of working with depression, relationship and spiritual crises.
- Able to identify clients at risk and know when to involve other professionals.

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